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Our approach to content marketing provides a unique insight into what your customers want, how they look for it, and how you can meet their needs.


Billions of pieces of content are produced every day, much of it without a real understanding of what people are looking for. Our content services are driven by how audiences search and give you insights into what your customers want, how they look for it, and how you can best meet their needs.

Content marketing that's driven by customer experience

At the heart of every content marketing plan should be the customers you’re trying to reach. Like a game of show and tell, their wants, needs and experiences tell you exactly the types of content to create, for what purpose, and when.

Content to drive traffic and conversions

Starting with your audience means that the content we suggest you create is coming directly from your customers. This, backed-up by search data, allows us to prioritise the content that is going to make an impact on your bottom line.

An audience-first approach

We start with in-depth audience research to identify your customers’ needs and experiences, and how they find and consume content. It’s crucial to understand what your audience is looking for so that you know what content they need – not what you think they need.

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Our three-step approach


We use empathy mapping to plot your customers' needs against their journey and experiences.

By seeing the world through your customer's eyes we often challenge the expectations of where you should prioritise your content efforts.


We complete a full audit of your on and off-site content using a mix of quantitative, qualitative and heuristic research that uncovers the ‘what’ along with the ‘why’?and provides audience-focused, insight-rich results to fuel our content strategy.?


The insights from our?audience research and audit?give us a thorough understanding of your audience and your content strengths. This reveals the opportunities?for improvement and growth. When you get the first two stages of the process right, translating them into a content strategy should be simple and painless.?

Watch the discussion where team members from Fresh Egg discussed the benefits of using the Content Cycle.

Taking part in the discussion were: David Somerville, strategy director, Nicky Moody, project director, Callum Grantham, senior content and social media manager, and Graham Marsh, senior web analyst.

We can help you with

Content audit

A content audit is designed to identify what is and isn’t working for your audience and is the first step towards an audience-focused content strategy.

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Content strategy

Your content strategy is your go-to guidebook for future content creation, based on the needs of your audience and how you can meet them.

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