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West Pittston Tomorrow Annual Membership Meeting
will be held Wednesday, January 28, 2015
at 7 p.m.  in the WP Borough Building

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Our first Spill Basin Crawl was great fun!
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Thank you
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All West Pittston residents are urged to attend. It is important to get together as a community to evaluate our current projects, review our long-term development plan, and revise old projects or suggest new projects to meet the changing needs of our flood recovery efforts.

Our number one priority is getting flood protection for the borough.  After extensive research by Bob Russin, levee project chairman, we launched the first steps in its ambitious levee campaign with a petition to lawmakers and a “paper levee” of signs reminding Wyoming Valley residents of the peril West Pittston residents face.

We have had great support for what we have done this past year. But just as important , we want to hear ideas from others in the community. One doesn’t need to be a board member to get involved.

Other major projects to be discussed are a community garden on a flood buyout property at 225 Race Street and historic district designation. 

Board of director members who are completing their two-year term and are eligible for re-election are Pat Sammon, vice –president; Jane Firestine, treasurer; Mary Terese Russin, and Michael Branley. David Todd, chairman of WPT community garden project, is stepping down as a director.  

Remaining board members include Ellen Quinn; Linda Judge, secretary; John Kearns, Walter Grabowski, and Judy Aita, president.

Ray Judge is chairman of the nominating committee.  The committee will present its recommendations for the five board slots open for 2015.  According to WPT by-laws, the new board of directors will elect the officers for 2015 at its first meeting in February.  Judy Aita, current board president, has told board members of her intention to step down as president.

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